Question: How Do I Hide The Side Panel In Gmail?

How do I find my Gmail SMTP username and password?

Use, port 465, SSL or port 587/STARTTLS.

If they are true aliases (nicknames), use your full primary email address as the username and that account’s password.

If they are additional user accounts (with separate mailboxes), use the address and password for that account..

Why can I send but not receive Gmail?

If you can send email but cannot receive email, there are several likely causes to investigate. These include email quota issues, your DNS settings and your email client settings. If your cPanel has exceeded its disk quota, this can also prevent you from receiving email.

How do I get rid of the sidebar in my email?

Just click the little arrow (it pops up and says “hide side panel” if you hover over it — I guess that’s the sidebar’s formal name). If you do this, it will, unsurprisingly, hide the sidebar. Bonus: It will remember your preference, so if you open up Gmail again, it will still be hidden.

How do I move my smart sidebar from right to left?

To enable Smart Sidebar, go to [Settings] > [Smart & Convenient] > [Smart Sidebar] > toggle [Smart Sidebar] to green to enable. Once enabled, you’ll be able to see a white vertical line on the side right side of your phone. Slightly swipe it to the left and the Smart Sidebar will show.

How do I change the sidebar in Gmail?

Expand or Collapse the Sidebar The Gmail sidebar—the area on the left that shows you the Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, and so on— takes up a lot of screen space on a smaller device. To change or collapse the sidebar, click the hamburger menu at the top left of the app. The sidebar contracts, so you just see the icons.

How do I change my Gmail SMTP settings?

Log in your Gmail account, open advanced setting tab enter Gmail IMAP Server Settings IMAP to 993 and SMTP to 465. After this click next and wait till the outlook will try to connect with the account. If it properly did then click ok and finish this is how you attach your account with Gmail.

Where are Gmail settings?

Find settings & make changesOn your computer, go to Gmail.In the top right, click Settings. See all settings.At the top, choose a settings page, such as General, Labels, or Inbox.Make your changes.After you’re done with each page, click Save Changes at the bottom.

How do I change the size of the display in Gmail?

Change the display font size using your browser’s keyboard shortcuts. Hold down Ctrl or Cmd, and press + to make the font bigger, – to make it smaller, and 0 to return to normal. If you’ve ever accidentally changed your font size, Ctrl/Cmd + 0 is especially useful!

How do I change the layout of my Gmail?

Choose your inbox layoutOn your computer, go to Gmail.Click Setting. Scroll to Inbox type.Select Default, Important first, Unread first, Starred first, Priority Inbox, or Multiple Inboxes.

How can I remove meet from my Gmail sidebar?

Open Gmail.In the top right, click Settings Settings.At the top, choose Chat and Meet.In the “Meet” section, make your changes.Click Save Changes at the bottom.

How do I get rid of Google Sidebar?

This solution is available for Google Chrome users. First, Install the Hide Google Options extension. Then, you will see a small toggle button to the right of the address bar, which lets you enable/disable the sidebar.