Quick Answer: How Do I Fix Update Unavailable With Apple ID?

Why are podcasts temporarily unavailable?

This is a Apple iOS podcast app issue not the source of the podcast.

It means that the download was not handled by the app properly..

Why can’t I sign out of my apple id due to restrictions?

Do you have the restrictions passcode? If so, try tapping Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. There, turn off “Content & Privacy Restrictions” at the top and you should then be able to sign out: I hope this helps.

Why is my Apple ID greyed out in the app store?

The grayed out Apple ID. That app is tied to that account. … If there is anything attained from the App Store (aside from system updates) then that app is tied to that Apple ID, hence the requirement to sign in as that account to perform a measly update.

Why can’t I tap on my Apple ID?

If you’re already using Wi-Fi, try another Wi-Fi network or switch to cellular data. Check for, and install, any available updates for your iOS software: Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch – Apple Support, as well as your carrier: Update your carrier settings on your iPhone or iPad – Apple Support.

What does it mean when it says update unavailable with this Apple ID?

‘Update Unavailable with this Apple ID – This update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled. ‘ … If they’re associated with an Apple ID, you need to log in with that Apple ID or delete and redownload them.

Can not update apps because of old Apple ID?

If it’s asking for a different Apple ID to update an app or apps, then they have been purchased on the other Apple account. You can’t change the Apple ID that an app has been purchased with. Instead, delete the app from the device and purchase it again with the Apple ID that you want the app registered to.

How do I update apps purchased with old Apple ID?

You can sign in with the old Apple ID to update the apps, or you can delete the apps and then purchase them again under the new Apple ID.

Why is my Alibaba account temporarily unavailable?

The «Unavailable account» causes the same problems, as the «Blocked account». You are able to check old orders and open disputes, but you can’t make any new purchases. If you get the «Your account is temporarily unavailable» notification on your mobile app, try to log in to AliExpress web version.

Why is my bank account temporarily unavailable?

Funds may be unavailable for several reasons including a temporary hold placed on deposits to make certain checks deposited clear the issuing account, holds placed for pending purchases or holds placed as a result of a garnishment or other action against the account.

How do I fix my Apple ID is greyed out?

My child’s Apple ID is greyed outPerform a software update to your child’s device: Settings > General > Software Update. If no update is available, please hard reset your child’s device by holding down the power/home buttons at the same time, until the device restarts.Disable iOS Restrictions.Try again to log into Apple ID from the iOS Settings.

Why is my Apple ID temporarily unavailable?

It is highly likely that you are experiencing this issue because your Apple ID is not associated with an Mac OS. You can resolve this issue this also. … Then go to icloud.com (link) and sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password. Now go back to the utilities window (install screen) and try again.