What Episode Does Georgina Drug Serena?

Who did Serena sleep with in Gossip Girl?

DanOne of the worst comes directly from the worst storyline Gossip Girl every provided us with: Dan and Blair’s relationship.

Serena got Dan to sleep with her, filmed it, and was going to use it to make Blair jealous.

Also, it was in the same place that she slept with Nate (when he was with Blair)..

Does Blair’s baby die?

In the fifth season, Blair is revealed to be pregnant with Prince of Monaco, Louis Grimaldi’s child. However the child later dies before birth after a car crash Blair and Chuck were in.

How long is Dan and Blair?

Blair-Dan RelationshipDan and BlairIntimacy Level:DatedFirst Met:Before “Pilot”Started Dating:5×17–5×24 (2012; 3 months)Status:Exes; Close friends4 more rows

What does Georgina have on Serena?

Serena has a breakdown and eventually confesses to Blair, Nate and Chuck. It is revealed that after Serena had sex with Nate at a wedding, Serena went to join Georgina and a boy named Pete Fairman at a hotel, who hid a video camera in the room to tape him and Serena having sex.

Who does Serena pick Dan or Nate in Season 4?

Throughout the series, they continue being best friends. In Season 3 they enter a romantic relationship, but break up in the season finale, “Last Tango, Then Paris”. Serena ultimately loves Dan Humphrey and chooses to be with him over Nate.

Who does Nate end up with in Gossip Girl?

Five Years Later: Nate (Chace Crawford) is running for mayor of New York City (seriously?!); Chuck and Blair are married with a son, Henry; Eric and Jenny are around; Rufus (Matthew Settle) is with Lisa Loeb (!); Lily and William are together; Georgina (Michelle Tratchenberg) and Uncle Jack are together; and Serena and …

Who did Serena kill?

But on Monday night’s episode of the addictive series about kids at an elite Upper East Side prep school, Serena stunned fans when she confessed to her best friend, Blair Waldorf, in the episode’s final moments: “I killed someone.”

Does Serena cheat on Dan?

To keep Dan from knowing what she really did, Serena lies that she cheated on him and he tells her that he is done. … In the season finale, Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing, Serena tells the whole truth to Dan. He then teams up with Blair to get rid of Georgina, which they successfully do.

Did Serena really kill?

Then, we’re led to believe that Serena’s secret is that she made a sex tape with a different guy named Pete mere hours after hooking up with Nate. But, no! … We learn in the next episode that Serena did not kill that guy. She did, however, pass him a tray of cocaine, of which he took a line and then promptly overdosed.

Why does Bart Bass try to kill Chuck?

Bart says someone tried to kill him and he pretended to be dead in order to protect Chuck and Lily. … Just when Chuck thinks he’s got his daddy back, his daddy boots him out “for his own good.” Poor Chuck. So he tries to find out who was blackmailing his father.

What episode does Serena get drugged?

Gaslit”Gaslit” is the 75th episode of the CW television series Gossip Girl, and the tenth episode of the show fourth season. The episode was written by Robert Hull and Joshua Safran, and directed by Tate Donovan. It aired on Monday, November 29, 2010 on The CW.

Does Juliet kill Serena?

Photo: The CW. Last week on “Gossip Girl,” Blair and Dan decided to go after Juliet for framing, kidnapping, and almost killing Serena with a drug overdose. … He had sold Juliet the drugs that she used on Serena. Meanwhile, Juliet spotted Blair and Dan in her Connecticut hometown, so she fled back to New York.

Who does Rufus end up with?

And, in a coda set five years in the future at the wedding of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), it appeared that Dan’s father, Rufus (Matthew Settle) had found love, too – with the singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb.

Did Dan sleep with Georgina Sparks?

Dan sticks up for Georgina, and gains more popularity. At the end of the night, he ends up sleeping with her (The Freshmen). However soon after, he tells her that he isn’t interested in her. After being rejected, she discovers that Scott is Rufus and Lily’s son; and leaves to follow him to Boston (The Lost Boy).

Is Milo really Dan’s son on Gossip Girl?

Milo Sparks Humphrey is the son of Georgina Sparks, the stepson of Philip Becker, and the legal son of Dan Humphrey. Milo appeared in five episodes.