Which God Has Moola Nakshatra?

Which Rashi is Moola Nakshatra?

Moola Birth Star Nature / Character Persons born in Moola nakshatra (irrespective of the charanams) belong to Sagittarius sign or Dhanur raasi..

Which Nakshatra is good for Moola Nakshatra?

Compatibility and Incompatibility : The compatible nakshatras with the natives are Hastha , Sravana ,Revati and Pushyami while the nakshatras of Swati and Magha are known to be incompatible.

What is wrong with Moola Nakshatra?

The lord of this Nakshatra is Ketu, the diety associated with it is Niriti known god of dissolution and distruction. There is a perception or superstitious notion that, if married to person with moola Nakshatra may harm old person who is root of their family but however this is no where justified.

How good is Moola Nakshatra?

According to astrology, the person who is born in the Moola Nakshatra or Mula Nakshatra will be loyal, religious and intelligent. He/she will admire justice. Native will make sweet relationships with people and he likes to participate in social activities.

Can we marry Moola Nakshatra?

Afak according to astrology, Moola star male/female has to marry someone who don’t have father. But i have seen many cases where they married male/female with both parents alive and things are good so far.

Can Moola Nakshatra boy marry Moola Nakshatra girl?

The people who say you cannot marry due to this this Nakshatra are speaking about Nakshatra matching. For marrying a person apart from nakshatra matching horoscope matching is done which is more important.

What is Moola Nakshatra Dosha?

Ganda Moola Nakshatra Dosha or Gandmool Dosha is present in the birth chartA diagram showing exact position of planets in signs at time of birth of an individual prepared with the help of time, date and place of birth if a nativeOne who takes birth, this word is used for astrology purpose is born in any one of the six …