Who Is Current King Of Jordan?

Who is king of Jordan wife?

Queen Noor of Jordanm.

1978–1999Alia Al-Husseinm.

1972–1977Princess Muna al-Husseinm.

1961–1971Dina bint Abdul-Hamidm.

1955–1957Hussein of Jordan/Wife.

Who controls Jordan?

Head of state: King Abdullah II The Jordanian media have traditionally been under tight state control. “Veneration for the monarchy, religion, but also state institutions and the men who head them are all ‘red lines’ that journalists must not cross,” said Reporters Without Borders in its 2011-12 country report.

Are Hashemites Sunni or Shia?

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a majority Muslim country with 95% of the population following Sunni Islam while a small minority follow Shiite branches. There are also about 20,000 to 32,000 Druze living mostly in the north of Jordan.

Who is the current queen of Jordan?

Rania Al-YassinQueen Rania of JordanRaniaTenure7 February 1999–presentProclamation22 March 1999BornRania Al-Yassin 31 August 1970 Kuwait City, KuwaitSpouseAbdullah II of Jordan ​ ​ ( m. 1993)​9 more rows

Does the king of Jordan have more than one wife?

Abdullah was born in Amman as the first child of King Hussein and his second wife, British-born Princess Muna. … In 1993 Abdullah married Rania Al-Yassin (of Palestinian descent), and they have four children: Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma and Prince Hashem.

What did Jordan used to be called?

the Hashemite Kingdom of TransjordanIn 1946, Jordan became an independent state officially known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan, but was renamed in 1949 to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan after the country captured the West Bank during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and annexed it until it was lost to Israel in 1967.

How rich is the Jordanian royal family?

With an estimated net worth of US$2.1 billion, King Mohammed VI of Morocco ranks amongst the world’s richest royals.

Does Jordan have a king and queen?

You have a new message (last change). The King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is Jordan’s head of state and monarch. He serves as the head of the Jordanian monarchy—the Hashemite dynasty. The king is addressed as His Majesty (صاحب الجلالة).

How old is the king of Jordan?

63 years (1935–1999)Hussein of Jordan/Age at death

Where is Lisa Halaby now?

“My career,” said Elizabeth “Lisa” Halaby ’74 last month in Amman, Jordan, “is my life with His Majesty the King.” When she weds Jordan’s King Hussein ibn Talal el-Hashim on June 15, the former member of Princeton’s first co-educational class — who was briefly one of the university’s first female cheerleaders — will …

Is Queen Noor American?

Queen Noor, married name Noor al-Ḥussein (“Light of Ḥussein”), also spelled Nūr al-Ḥusayn, byname of Lisa Najeeb Halaby, (born August 23, 1951, Washington, D.C., U.S.), American-born architect who was the consort (1978–99) of King Ḥussein of Jordan. …

What is Queen Noor’s net worth?

She has a net worth of $425 million, according to Fortune.

Is Jordan a US ally?

The United States deeply values its long history of cooperation and friendship with Jordan, with which it established diplomatic relations in 1949. … Based on our shared strategic goals and close working relationship, Jordan was designated a U.S. major non-NATO ally by the United States in 1996.

What is Jordan famous for?

Its major tourist attractions include visiting historical sites, like the worldwide famous Petra (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, and one of New Seven Wonders of the World), the Jordan River, Mount Nebo, Madaba, numerous medieval mosques and churches, and unspoiled natural locations (as Wadi Rum and Jordan’s …

Where is the Queen of Jordan from?

Kuwait City, KuwaitQueen Rania of Jordan/Place of birth